6 Obstetrics Issues You Should Keep An Eye On

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One of the main arguments for going to an obstetrics services provider is that many problems can come up during and after pregnancy. Some issues are more likely to occur than others, but these six obstetrics concerns are among the biggest issues to keep an eye on.

Pre-Term Labor or Pains

One of the biggest worries new mothers have is that a baby may come much sooner than expected. The issues associated with early deliveries are well documented, and that means the best effort needs to be put forward to provide care in situations where early deliveries occur or might happen.


Diabetes mellitus can set in during pregnancy, leading to issues with the body's ability to produce insulin. It's not uncommon for some level of insulin resistance to occur while you are pregnant. However, an estimated 2 to 10 percent of pregnancies can lead to gestational diabetes, and about 10% of patients who develop gestational diabetes may develop type 2 diabetes.

Unregulated Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a fairly common problem during pregnancy. What worries medical professionals from an obstetrics standpoint is that pre-eclampsia can occur, potentially leading to problems like low clotting factors and blood in the kidneys. In the most extreme forms, this can become full-on eclampsia, a condition that may trigger seizures.


Changing body chemistry can lead to infections that occur even in patients who've previously never seen such issues. Vaginal and urinary tract infections are uncomfortable even under the best of circumstances, but they're especially concerning during pregnancy. Similarly, it's important to keep an eye out for other urinary abnormalities, as these are often clues that infections or other problems are in progress.

Premature Rupture of the Membrane

The amniotic sac is present to protect the baby during gestation. A premature rupture of the sac, meaning one that occurs with or without labor, happens in about 8 to 10 percent of pregnancies. Between one-third and one-quarter of all pre-term deliveries occur because of premature ruptures.

It's worth noting that there is strong evidence that obstetrics services can make a major difference in preventing premature ruptures. Expecting mothers without access to obstetrics care are significantly more likely to deliver early for this reason.

Cesarean Sections

If a delivery is likely to be complicated, a cesarean section may be performed. This is a form of surgery that involves opening up a patient's abdomen and removing the fetus rather than allowing it to come naturally.

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