Coping With Heavy, Painful Periods: How A Gynecologist Can Help

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Do you get extremely painful and heavy periods? Once you start your cycle, you may feel like doing nothing but resting in bed because the pain that you are feeling is so severe. When this becomes an issue for you every month, you need to schedule an appointment with a gynecologist. The gynecologist can perform an exam, find out if there is anything abnormal going on, and provide treatment options that can make coping with those heavy, painful periods a lot better.

What Causes Periods to Be Heavy and Painful?

There are many causes of periods that are heavier than usual and incredibly painful. Some women never experience this problem while others deal with it regularly. It may be something simple, such as a hormonal imbalance, or it may be something more serious, such as an undiagnosed condition. Because you will not know what is going on and how serious things are until you have an exam completed, you should make sure to get an appointment with the gynecologist as soon as you can.

What Will the Visit Be Like?

If you have never been to a gynecologist or if it has been a long time since your last visit, you may wonder what the visit will be like. You will get to talk to the gynecologist about the various symptoms you have experienced, including the heavy menstrual flow combined with unbearable cramps. You can let the gynecologist know if the cramps have been severe enough for you to miss work and any other obligations. After you talk to the gynecologist, a pelvic exam is performed. You might also need to undergo a Pap test, which allows the gynecologist to check for cancerous cells.

While cervical cancer is a possibility when you are experiencing such pain during each cycle, it is not the only cause of heavy bleeding and excruciatingly painful cramps. The Pap test is often performed to rule out cervical cancer as a possible cause of what you are experiencing. If it is not cancer, you could have fibroids or a disorder that is known as endometriosis. Women with endometriosis regularly experience these problems and will often need to take medication to control the symptoms. Once the gynecologist knows what is going on, the physician can go over some of the treatment options.

You should see a gynecologist when you have heavy periods that cause you a lot of pain. You may have an underlying condition that needs to be diagnosed and treated for you to get relief.

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